Actor Tom Selleck plans to do very little to alter his appearance when he plays DWIGHT D EISENHOWER - even though he looks nothing like the late American president.

In IKE: THUNDER IN JUNE, a movie salute to the 60th anniversary of D-Day in World War II, Selleck will portray the supreme commander as he leads troops to victory, and Selleck isn't at all interested in working on physically resembling the celebrated leader - because he's working on "capturing the spirit of the character" instead.

He says, "I will try to physically get in the ballpark and do make-up and hair tests, but I probably won't be wearing appliances or get caught up with what I don't think is important.

"Great men are great not because of what they look like; they're great because of who they are. The actor's job is to somehow capture the spirit of the character."

The movie will begin filming next month (FEB04) in New Zealand and is expected to be ready for Memorial Day (31MAY04).

09/01/2004 02:11