Rocker Tom Petty is revealing everything in a new tell-all - the first book the reclusive star has authorised.

The LEARNING TO FLY hitmaker sat down with writer PAUL ZOLLO to chat about his career, and was so happy with the finished product - CONVERSATIONS WITH TOM PETTY, that will hit book stores in October (05) - he agreed to write a complimentary foreword himself.

Petty writes, "I knew Paul from several interviews over the last decade. I found him good company and almost ridiculously prepared for each interview.

"We met many times in 2004 and 2005 for talks that came to necessitate my re-listening to 30-odd years of music as Paul would show up knowledgeable to the point of having learned to play the songs himself.

"Mr Zollo has knocked the dust off many a memory here. I hope you enjoy reading them half as much as I have living them."

In the book, Petty recalls his first meeting with late pal George Harrison literally blew him away - a hurricane hit London on the night they became great friends.

Petty says, "The Hindus think that when you meet someone and you feel really close to them immediately, that maybe you knew them in a past life. And that was how it was with George. We met each other and instantly became really close."

29/06/2005 09:25