Rocker Tom Petty is urging Grammy Award voters to consider Peter Bogdanovich's RUNNING DOWN A DREAM movie for a big prize next year (09) - because he feels the filmmaker did a great job of capturing his story and that of his band THE HEARTBREAKERS.
Petty admits he had initial reservations about the four-hour documentary, which covers Petty's life and career, but now he thinks it's a masterpiece that should be celebrated.
The rocker says, "At first I thought, 'Well, four hours may be a bit long,' but when I sat and watched it with an audience, it all made sense to me. I think he did a great job, and, really, he must have, because I'm constantly stopped wherever I go by people who have seen and love that film.
"I think this is the case of something turning out to be an extraordinary project. It would be really nice to see that film noticed. I haven't talked to Peter about that (Grammy Award), but I'd love to see him singled out for what he pulled off. We're not an easy bunch to corral, and he did it, telling the story in a way that feels true to us."