Tom Petty's 30th anniversary tour this summer (06) could be the rocker's last major outing - because he fears he hasn't got the energy for big treks anymore. The summer dates in North America come as Petty and his backing group THE HEARTBREAKERS celebrate the 30th anniversary of their first album release in 1976. But Petty suggests this could be his farewell tour. He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "I think we should do this tour and then put an end to doing national tours, and just play now and then where we want to play. "The idea of doing sheds or arenas... you turn into an animal by the time it's done." If it is to be his last major outing, Petty is going out in style - support acts on the 2006 dates, which start in June (06), include Pearl Jam, The Strokes and John Mayer. Film-maker Peter Bogdanovich will accompany Petty on the road this summer (06) to get footage for an upcoming road movie. The acclaimed director also hopes to interview Petty's family and collaborators like Stevie Nicks and Bob Dylan about the impact the rocker has had on them.