Tom Parker's girlfriend thinks his crazy antics are ''stupid''.

Kelsey Hardwick - who has been dating The Wanted singer for the past three years - isn't a fan of the boy band's headline-grabbing behaviour, including throwing a drink on a passer-by from a hotel balcony last month.

She told new! magazine: ''It's stupid, but they obviously think they're rock 'n' roll doing it. They're young and having fun.''

The 24-year-old blonde was also mortified to discover her boyfriend was wanted by the police in the US for defecating in a bag and throwing it onto the highway.

She laughed: ''That is so disgusting. I heard that's true. It's so embarrassing. That's my boyfriend!''

Kelsey made several appearances on the 'Glad You Came' hitmakers' reality show, 'The Wanted Life', and says living with the five boys - Tom, Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Nathan Sykes and Jay McGuiness - during their stay in the US was tough because they are so dirty.

The long-suffering star said: ''Max was the worst for not cleaning dishes. We had to use paper plates and cutlery by the end. I couldn't cope.''