The singer had planned on making fiancee Kelsey Hardwick his wife this year (17), after proposing to her in 2016, but the nuptials have been put on hold.

Parker, who is playing Danny Zuko in a touring production of Grease!, reveals he doesn't want to rush a wedding and honeymoon.

''We want to make sure we plan it right and I don't want to take two weeks off, get married, do a week on honeymoon, then go back on tour. I didn't think that was something I'd be comfortable with. So next year we'll have a big wedding.''

And he admits planning the big day is "a nightmare", adding, "'We've seen so many venues... Kelsey knows what she wants and how she wants it to be, so I'm letting her put everything into place and I'll just give her my credit card when needs be.''