Max George doesn't want his mother to watch 'The Wanted Life'.

The Wanted singer admitted he is reluctant for his mum to watch the E! reality TV show, which gives an inside look into what goes on in the life of the boy band, because it features him in a series of compromising positions.

He told MTV News: ''This time I know there are going to be some bits that are probably not for my mom's eyes. I can't remember most of them, so even watching the first episode I can't remember.''

Singer Tom Parker revealed they were initially reluctant to do a reality TV show but wanted their fan to see what their lives are like.

He said: ''There are cameras there all the time and we didn't want to be thought of as we just do reality TV. But we wanted to make people more aware of what goes on behind the scenes and making the album.''

Jay McGuiness added: ''Reality TV, often the reality part, is not so real. I think the selling point for us when they were like we are genuinely going to leave you to your own devices and just film you.''