Tom Odell regrets how hard he worked when he was a teenager.

The 25-year-old singer credits his drive and ambition to getting him where he is today, but admits he was so focused, he didn't really take the time to enjoy recording his first songs.

He said: ''When I was 18, I was driven and obsessed with the idea of making an album, almost to the point that I didn't enjoy it.

''I'd go back and tell myself to revel in that time.

''Then again, if i'd done that I probably wouldn't be sat here today, because it takes a lot of ambition to get a record deal and make an album.''

And the 'Another Love' singer still recalls the times he was rejected in harsh ways.

Asked if anyone owes him an apology, he said: ''When I was 18, I gave my demo CD to a promoter. He walked down the street and put it in the bin in front of me.''

If he wasn't a successful musician, Tom would have gone down a very different career path.

He said: ''My biggest extravagance is flowers. My grandma was very into them and I think it rubbed off on me. If I wasn't a musician I'd be a florist.''

Though the 'Real Love' singer is proud of his career, he admits he wishes he'd had a rethink about some of his outfits when he was starting out.

He told Grazia magazine: ''I definitely wore some suspicious outfits around the time of my first album.

''Perhaps it would be nice if the pictures of that were quietly swept under the carpet.''