The British singer-songwriter rose to fame with his debut studio album Long Way Down in 2013. And while he's about to release his second record, titled Wrong Crowd, Tom can't quite believe he's the one in the spotlight.

During an appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden on Tuesday night (07Jun16), Tom shared that he'd written plenty of songs as a youngster but hadn't intended to record them himself.

"I'd written a lot of songs and I'd never really thought of myself much as a singer. And I was trying to get people to sing them but it was becoming difficult, I didn't know that many singers where I came from in Chichester (English city)," he told host James, adding with a smile, "Not much show business goes on there."

Accordingly, Tom decided to start singing his own songs, heading to gigs in on the south coast before "dragging" his keyboard to London. But he admits it was a difficult process because he's quite introverted.

"I'm not naturally one that would sit at the party with his guitar, trying to woo the girls," he explained, adding, "I started singing because I couldn't ever get the girls."

The 25-year-old also told James how nervous he was when he spotted the TV host and comedian Ricky Gervais watching him during one of his first major performances, held at Somerset House in London.

"I was sat playing, and I was incredibly nervous and I saw both of you standing at the side of the stage, sort of smiling, and I became even more nervous," he laughed.

The Wrong Crowd is set to be released on 10 June (16).