Guitarist Tom Morello is to headline a tribute evening in honour of a paralysed Iraq veteran next month (May13).

The Rage Against The MAChine frontman will take to the stage in Kansas City, Missouri for A Tribute to Tomas Young, a close friend who was paralysed from the chest down when he was shot while on duty in the war zone in 2004.

After his injury, the former soldier became an avid peace activist and wrote an emotional letter on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War earlier this year (Mar13), condemning former U.S. President George W. Bush and ex-Vice President DICk Cheney and blaming them for his wounds.

Morello heaped praise on his pal in a statement which reads, "Paralysed veteran and anti-war crusader Tomas Young is an inspiration - a war hero turned peace hero. From his wheelchair his voice thunders louder for peace and justice than 1,000 exploding drones."

Young, 33, is in failing health and is refusing further medical treatment after moving into a hospice.