Rocker Tom Morello marked International Workers' Day on Wednesday (01May13) by giving away free music to fans.

The Rage Against The MAChine guitarist, who has been a leading voice in the Occupy movement against big corporations, made the gesture to show his support for workers' rights on 1 May, also known as May Day.

In a post on his page, he writes, "In honor (sic) of May Day, International Worker's Day, download 4 tracks from my Union Town Cd Free all day!"

Discussing his involvement in union activism, he tells, "I come from a coal mining family in central Illinois and unions were always a big part of the life and fabric of the town. It was always ingrained in me from the time I was a little kid that it's the solidarity of workers that is a crucial counterbalance to corporate greed. And if we don't stand up together, we will certainly be taken advantage of individually...

"I think in a time when the working class and unions are being assailed in the United States, I do my best to fight back with my music."