Tom Meighan wants to release an album of Motown covers.

The Kasabian singer is a huge fan of 60s soul music and despite his rock Roots, would love to record versions of some tracks from the iconic label.

He said: ''People always think I'm going to say Oasis [made the best record ever] and they're up there definitely, but if I hear Smokey Robinson sing 'Tears Of A Clown' I'm convinced Motown is the best music there has ever been.

''I'd love to do a whole Motown tribute album in my pub singer voice. In fact, I'd like to do 'Tom Meighan sings Motown' in the bathroom as well. And then 'Tom Meighan sings the Motown' songbook into a f***ing hairbrush.''

Despite his comments, and the fact he has recently performed The Beatles' 'She Loves You' solo at Kasabian shows, Tom insists he would never go it alone because he is so close to bandmate Serge Pizzorno.

Referring to the characters of supernatural film 'E.T.' he told Q magazine: ''I can't go solo. I'm E.T. and he's Elliott. Wouldn't work.

'''She Loves You' is a rallying cry really isn't it? That's why I sing it. It's the 'Knees Up Mother Brown' of our generation.''