Kasabian's ambition is to headline a gig at Wembley Stadium in London.

The rock band, who formed in 1997 and includes Tom Meighan, Sergio Pizzorno, Chris Edwards and Ian Matthews, played at Glastonbury earlier this year and they now have their sights set on playing at major outdoor stadiums.

Sergio said: ''In a stadium, half the people aren't really in the mix because they're sitting down.

''I suppose there's some weird Britpop hangover ingrained in my soul that strives to make outsider music and take it to Wembley.''

Speaking to NME, he added that the band are ''ready'' for the challenge of playing a such big venues, having grown their fanbase over time.

Sergio reflected: ''We are ready for Wembley. In fact, that's the next step: Wembley and Murrayfield, and then beyond. It's stadium time. It has to be.''

This comes shortly after the band's frontman Tom Meighan said that they ''deserve'' their success.

He remarked: ''Glastonbury was unbelievable, because we deserved that. We're proud pioneers.

''We deserve everything we f***ing get.

''We've worked so hard, me and my best friend [guitarist Serge Pizzorno] here, since we were f***ing babies, when we were 17 and we gave our lives to rock 'n' roll. Not many people can say that can they?''