Welsh crooner Tom Jones hated touring America when he first hit the music scene, and he was desperate to return to "civilisation".

The IT'S NOT UNUSUAL star suffered a punishing schedule of travelling and rehearsing in between shows - and he insists the USA had no idea how to treat musicians properly during the 1960s.

He recalls, "I took off in America, recording-wise, and I did a Dick Clark tour in the summer of 1965 which I didn't particularly like, going across America in a bus.

"You'd do one show and by the time you'd get to the next place it would be rehearsals and you wouldn't even have gone to bed.

"And we were playing these sports arenas where there were no dressing rooms.

"I was saying, 'Oh my God, I just want to get back to civilisation where they do things properly.'"

31/05/2005 17:27