It could've all ended in tears or, worse, fisticuffs as 'The Voice UK' coach sir Tom Jones and returning UK 'X Factor' judge Gary Barlow sat together on the couch of 'The GRAHAM NORTON Show,' with only Will Smith and Norton there to break them up. However the coming together of the two singers-cum-judges didn't really cause the fireworks it could've, reports the UK's Metro newspaper.

For Barlow's part he was just delighted with the recent announcement of his return to the 'X Factor' panel after a tough first year for the Take That man. "I always thought of myself as the serious music guy," he said, "but actually 98 per cent of the acts are absolutely awful and incredibly funny, so I want to enjoy them this time round."

Sir Tom Jones meanwhile was still as full as enthusiasm for the music industry that he's worked in for over 50 years. "It's not like work at all," he smiled, "I was asked the other day, "are you working hard?" and I said 'I haven't worked since 1962!'" He went on to chat about 'The Voice,' and admitted that he cries every week. "When I saw the American version and saw people crying I thought, "that can't be real" but it is!" he explained, "There have been some great singers but they can't all win. It's hard deciding who stays and who goes."