Sir Tom Jones will never marry again.

The 76-year-old music legend has admitted he has no plans to ever tie the knot again after the death of his wife of almost 60 years Linda, and although he has been romantically linked to Priscilla Presley, marriage is the ''last thing'' he plans on doing because he still hasn't got over the loss of his late spouse.

Speaking about his love life to The Mirror newspaper, the 'She's A Lady' hitmaker said: ''My wife passed away last year and I am still trying to get over that.

''I don't think if I ever will remarry - the last thing on my mind is marriage.''

And the Welsh vocalist believes it has become a lot harder for budding singers and bands to break the entertainment industry than it was for him, although he has advised anyone looking to become a chart topping success to ''forget it''.

The 'The Voice UK' judge said: ''Forget it. Do you have a plan B? It doesn't seem as easy as when I started.''

But he has also urged artists to be honest performers and not to be ''shut off'' from other possibilities, or genres of songs to sing, but to be open minded.

He explained: ''My advice is at a performer is to listen, keep your ears open and take advice and don't shut yourself off.

''Don't be shut off and think this is what I'm going to do. You just be true to yourself. You have to find your way you like to sing.''

And Tom, who released his debut single 'Chills and Fever' in 1964, is amazed he is still able to sing at his age, although he doesn't think his voice is ''as good'' as it used to be.

Speaking previously, Tom said: ''My voice isn't as good as it was but it's still working. I'm not sure about other parts.''