Sir Tom Jones wishes he was immortal.

The 'Voice' coach - who is turning 72 in June - hates getting older because it means he does not have much time left on the planet and he would love to Live Forever if he could.

He said: ''I'll be 72 next month and so I suppose I'll be lucky if I have another twenty years left. Twenty years is nothing. The last twenty years have gone like that. And that's scary, it frightens me.

''You know, if I could have one wish granted it would be for immortality. God has given me this most wonderful life and the only thing I hate about the ageing process is that, one day, I'm not going to be able to live any more.''

However getting older has worse side-effects for Tom - he has had to stop drinking wine as it causes him to gain weight.

He added: ''I do still like a drink - drinks - especially with food, but the problem is that I find wine fattening now.

''There are calories there, you see. I never had to worry about calories before. My metabolism took care of that. It doesn't so much any more, so I've had to cut back.''