Welsh singer Sir Tom Jones was "incredibly nervous" and apologetic as he made his small screen acting debut, according to his co-star Brenda Blethyn.
The veteran crooner enjoyed a small cameo appearance in Tim Burton's 1996 comedy Mars Attacks! playing himself, but he put his acting skills to the test with a starring role in recent one-off British TV drama King of the Teds.
And Blethyn reveals the pop star was full of nerves as they filmed.
She tells Britain's Yours magazine, "Tom had never acted before and was incredibly nervous. He just kept saying 'sorry' during the reading of the play and asking if he was doing right. We said he was doing fine and tried to reassure him and calm his nerves.
"He's a peach. He is such a gent and so down to earth. There's nothing egotistical about him. It was so refreshing that someone who is a megastar is so lovely and amenable."