Tom Jones missed the chance to perform on TV with his pal Elvis Presley because of a contract THE KING had with Frank Sinatra.

Jones asked Elvis to appear on his hit TV show many times, and Presley was keen to duet with the Welshman - but he'd signed a contract forbidding him to appear on any show before returning for a Sinatra special.

The 63-year-old SEX BOMB singer explains, "COLONEL PARKER (Elvis' manager) wouldn't let him do it. Elvis wanted to do it, but apparently when he did the FRANK SINATRA SHOW in 1960 he'd signed a contract saying that he wouldn't do guest spots on TV until he'd done another Sinatra show.

"He didn't want to sing with Sinatra again. Well, that's what he told me anyway."

05/01/2004 18:15