Veteran crooner Tom Jones has mixed feelings about reading his own obituary - after he was killed off online last month (Oct08) by a sick Internet prankster.
The Delilah singer, 68, was fast asleep in his Los Angeles home when his daughter-in-law and manager Donna heard the seemingly tragic news, and she phoned in to check on his status.
Hours later, Jones sat for a TV interview with news broadcasters CNN - and had a chance to read the obituary editors had prepared in case the death rumours were true.
But Jones admits he was rather proud of the achievements the article detailed.
He recalls, "It's a strange thing because there was a rumour going around about a month ago saying that I'd passed away. Somebody put it on the internet... and Fox news got a hold of it in Los Angeles and called my agent asking if I was all right. So my agent called my daughter-in-law, who is one of my managers, and my son, who is my other manager, was flying from London to L.A. so he was in the air.
"There's a fellow who works for me in Los Angeles and Donna, my daughter-in-law, says to him, 'Can you check on Tom to see if he's all right?' And so he came in the bedroom and he said, 'Well he's snoring, and I don't think people snore when they're dead!'
"Then I did an interview with somebody from CNN later that day and she said do you want to read your obituary? Honestly, they had it all printed out! So I read it, and there was some nice things in it, I must admit!"