Tom Hardy doesn't want to shave off his beard for a few years.

The 'This Means War' actor has recently been sporting a bushy beard for his role in the forthcoming 'Mad Max' movie but says he is so happy with his facial hair that he has no plans to get rid of it and only wants to play bearded characters from now on.

In an interview with Verity Geere on Magic 105.4 Breakfast Show, he said: ''I'm growing my beard, I'm going into bearded characters now because I'm running out of characters ... I'm going to keep growing it for a couple of years.''

Tom has been working with Prince Charles' charity the Prince's Trust - which helps disadvantaged young people through training programmes, mentoring and financial grants - but joked he hopes the youngsters don't follow him into acting because he can't take the competition.

He said: ''I've been involved in the Prince's Trust for a couple of years and really trying to help out wherever I can really. I think the work that they do is massively important for helping anybody that has not had the opportunity to voice their dreams and aspirations.

''I don't think I'd advise anybody to get into the acting world ... It is possible, it's about meeting the right people. But would I advise them to act? No, I don't want them to have my job, its competition, I don't care where you've come from its dog eat dog!''