Tom Hardy to star as Al Capone in 'Fonzo'.

The 39-year-old actor is set to take on the role of one of the world's biggest mobsters as he steps into the shoes of American gangster Al Capone.

Capone gained fame as the leader of the Chicago Outfit who distributed illegal alcohol during America's Prohibition era in the 1920s. The struggle over the control of organized crime between the Chicago Outfit and the North Side Irish gang resulted in the infamous Saint Valentine's Day massacre, in which seven men from the North Side Irish gang were murdered in broad daylight.

Rather than focusing on the gang war itself, 'Fonzo' will centre on Capone at the age of 47, following nearly a decade of imprisonment for his crimes, as dementia starts to take over his mind and his violent past comes back to haunt him.

Josh Trank - who directed 2015's 'Fantastic Four' - will be taking up directorial duties for the project, as well as penning the script.

The film will be produced by Russell Ackerman and Josh Schoenfelder for Addictive Pictures, alongside Lawrence Bender.

Bloom Media is handling the international sales for the project, and will introduce it to buyers at the American Film Market (AFM) next week.

Alex Walton, President of Bloom Media, said: '''Fonzo' brings together the myth and lore of notorious American Gangster Al Capone, with the undeniable talent of Tom Hardy and Josh Trank. We are thrilled to bring this film to buyers at the AFM.''

The news of Tom Hardy's casting comes after he recently wowed audiences by playing both of the English gangsters the Kray twins in 2015's 'Legend'.