Tom Hardy thinks 'Venom' is the ''least comic-book'' movie of the superhero genre.

The 41-year-old actor plays the part of Eddie Brock / Venom in the new Ruben Fleischer-directed movie, but Tom has claimed that his film is, in some ways, distinct from the many superhero films of recent years.

He explained to Collider: ''It just didn't strike me ... it's the least comic book of the superhero world, if that make sense?

''For me, what grasped me was the Jekyll-and-Hyde dynamic between interior conflict and how Venom kind of symbolises the inside voice of self-will run riot, which has been given to an alien from outer space with a higher purpose in many aspects and then connected with a human being.

''So I was looking at it from a different angle of ... this is really interesting whereby we have all the assets a studio can offer us - from visual effects to stunts to design elements - to imbue an inner-conflict between a man, woman or person with their inside voice, which is manifest in a beat which they have to negotiate an ethical framework with within a world that is not binary, but grey.''

Meanwhile, Tom recently admitted he turned to his 10-year-old son Louis for advice on how to play Eddie Brock and his anti-hero alter ego.

He confessed: ''I'm not going to lie, I just thought he was a black Spider-Man. I didn't really read comic books, so my information was limited.

''But I was given loads of comics when I got involved. All the comics! And more importantly, I had my son as my guide ... I was versed in the way of Venom by a 10-year-old. I consulted the oracle, there. And he would steer me on.''