Tom Hardy won't go more than three weeks without seeing his fiancee.

The 'Dark Knight Rises' actor has to spend a lot of time apart from actress Charlotte Riley because of their careers, and while he admits it's hard, they make sure they meet up as often as possible.

He said: ''I like to go no longer than three weeks without seeing Charlotte but it can be tricky because we both go to opposite sides of the globe, then we have to meet in the middle. We're managing so far.''

Tom says he tries to be a good partner to Charlotte and would be willing to go to therapy if they were having problems.

He said to More! magazine: ''I try to be a good one and I'll do anything it takes to get there - listen, learn, go to therapy if necessary.

''My idea if a great date night is I like to stay in and watch a movie, as boring as it sounds. I used to be wild, but these days I'm a homebody.''