British actor Tom Hardy has been walking around in Sir Elton John's old clothes in an effort to get into character for an upcoming biopic about the rocker.

The Dark Knight Rises star will portray the flamboyant performer in Rocketman, a new film which will detail the singer's life after leaving rehab in 1990, and he reveals he has been getting a feel for Sir Elton's personality by dressing up as him.

He tells the New York Post, "When I play a real person, I like to have bits of them. Since I can't take physical body parts and sever those, I try and grab as much 'kit' off them as possible. Then you can sell it on eBay!"

But there's one aspect of the film Hardy still feels unprepared for - singing onscreen.

He recently told the Wall Street Journal, "(I will have to sing) otherwise I'll have probably failed, right? But that's terrifying me. I can't hold a tune to save my life. God knows how I'm going to do that."