Warner Brothers are really beginning to ramp up the hype for the forthcoming Batman movie, 'The Dark Knight Rises'. Their latest move is to release a 49-page dossier containing production notes from the movie, as shared by deadline.com. The document is described by thestar.com as "(including) bits of dialogue, (which) are understandably self-serving and, in some instances, earnestly cringe-worthy."
One of the worst examples of such cringe-worthy commentary comes from the actor Tom Hardy, who plays the role of Bane. The quote from the production notes certainly errs on the side of 'cheesy,' saying "Tom Hardy, whose character is supposed to be more than a match for the Dark Knight, recounts, 'I remember the first time I saw Christian in the makeup chair, and I arrogantly thought to myself, 'That's not a problem. I can handle him.' And then, on the set, Batman showed up. It wasn't Christian Bale anymore; he absolutely was Batman."
The production notes, despite being such a hefty document, do not reveal anything about the movie's plotline that hasn't already been shared with us. What this latest piece of the Batman marketing puzzle does contain, though, is a collection of quotes from director and co-writer Christopher Nolan, as well as the movie's biggest stars, including Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy and Christian Bale. The release of the production notes comes in addition to the six minute prologue also being made available, as well as a series of movie posters. The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled for release on July 20, 2012.