Actor Tom Hardy has spoken of how he got the shock of his life when he recently met pop Queen Madonna.

The 29-year-old star of Black Hawk Down and Layer Cake told the Mirror he got the opportunity to meet Guy Ritchie's missus on the set of the director's latest movie, RocknRolla.

Much to Hardy's surprise, he and Ritchie found Madonna in the car park administering injections to the rear end of fellow actor Gerard Butler.

Hardy says he was stunned to see Hollywood star Butler, whose recent films include Phantom Of The Opera and PS I Love You, and Madonna engaged in such an unusual activity.

It turned out Madonna was delivering doses of the vitamin B12 to boost the health of Ritchie's ailing cast, many of whom had been suffering from illness.

"I knew it would be magnificent to meet her because she's cult - I mean like Elvis - but the last thing I expected to see was her giving Gerard a shot in his bare a*** because he wasn't very well," he told the newspaper.

"She was so cool. She just said to Gerard, 'there you go - bosh! That does it."

31/08/2007 16:10:05