Tom Hanks' actress wife Rita Wilson was so thrilled when songwriting icon DIANE WARREN offered to give her a new tune for her directorial debut, she agreed to sing it. Wilson was trying to find the perfect song for the climax of her Glamour Magazine Reel Movies short The Trap when she met hitmaker Warren at a party. She says, "There are enormous rights issues to play songs with labels, so I was three days away from locking my movie and she said... 'How about this?' and she puts her Nano (iPod) on my ears, her headphones. "(She played) this song called Lessons Learned and I started (saying), 'It's the best, most perfect song ever, I can't believe it.' "She said, 'You can use it...' I said, `No, you don't understand, we have rights issues... It's so complicated.' And she said, `No no no, I'll give it to you... I'm the owner of the song, I'm the publisher of the song, I'm giving it to you for free.' "She said, `All you need is somebody to sing it.' My voice coach happened to be there he said, 'Rita can sing it.' I was like, 'I can? OK!' "I mean she's written every song you've ever heard on the radio!"