Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson isn't convinced the movie star's new-found love of scootering is a great thing - because she can't ride with him, and he doesn't look so great in his helmet.
Hanks is spearheading a scooter revival thanks to his character's mode of transport in new film Larry Crowne. He loved his two-wheeler so much he took it home with him and even rode a 1981 Yamaha Riva scooter to the film's Hollywood premiere last week (27Jun11).
Cooing about his love for the open road, he tells Usa Today newspaper, "It's dirt cheap and you have the wind blowing through your hair on a beautiful day."
But his wife isn't a huge fan - she declined to ride to the premiere with him and she's not convinced it's a cool way of getting around Hollywood.
She says, "I think you can be scooter cool, but you have to see beyond the helmet. Not even Brad Pitt looks good in these helmets."