Tom Hanks still knows how to play a media crowd; though the veteran actor was in a solemn mood last week following Green Mile co-star Michael Clarke Duncan's death, he'd galvanised himself by the time of his appearance at the Toronto Film Festival to promote new film Cloud Atlas. Hanks was in attendance along with 16 other cast and crew members including Halle Berry and Susan Sarandon, and had critics enthralled at a press event, entertaining with his answers and repeatedly causing gales of laughter to pour, according to The Toronto Sun.

The film sees all the main actors switch between multiple roles crossing gender, race and age barriers, and when asked which his favourite was and why, Hanks couldn't contain his laughter. Talking about a role where he plays a writer who reacts to a bad review by pushing the offending critic off a multi-storey building, Hanks cracked up "Don't take this the wrong way, [but] he got to throw a critic off a balcony! To this horrible crushing death!" Descending into giggle, Hanks added "That was my favourite. Oh God, how I love it!"

Hanks also led a chorus of Happy Birthday for co-star Hugh Grant, who had just turned 52, but was serious at times too. "This was a fully realized vision that was presented to us at the get-go. These guys had gone off (to co-write the script) and were aiming at this piece of cinematic literature", he commented of the film. "All I had to do is read the blueprint to see what was expected of me and I said: Well, that sounds like all the things that acting in movies is supposed to be! It's going to be brilliant fun, we're going to get to go to cool places, it will be very, very hard work on occasion ... I mean, sh*t, that's what I do for a living!"