Tom Hanks could bring 'Lucky Guy' to the London.

The Oscar-winning star is currently discussing transferring the critically-acclaimed Nora Ephron Broadway play from New York City to the West End.

But if the 56-year-old actor agrees to the transition and the show gets the go ahead, it won't be up and running until spring 2014 and will only be available for a limited amount of time, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

Hanks plays the lead role of controversial tabloid journalist Mike McAlary and covers the highs and lows of the career of the reporter, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1998 for his coverage on the police brutalisation of Abner Louima and died from colon cancer later that year.

Hanks landed the part after forming a close bond with Nora and he was overcome with emotion at the show's opening night last month saying he missed the late writer, who died of leukaemia aged 71 last year.

Speaking after the first performance, he said: ''That was a tough moment. We were going to do this, and Nora and [show director] George C. Wolfe were going to walk out on stage. I miss her. What more can you say?

''Nora was ... fascinated by everything. She was always doing things that were so interesting. She told me, 'Never turn down a front-row seat for human folly.' ''