Tom Hanks reimbursed a couple who didn't like his latest movie 'Larry Crowne'.

The actor was filling up his car at a gas station near his Pacific Palisades home in California when he was approached by a man who revealed he had recently seen the star's latest cinematic effort - in which Tom plays a man in his 50s who decides to go back to college - and wasn't impressed.

According to National Enquirer magazine, the Hollywood star apologised by taking $25 from his wallet and saying: "Gee, I'm really sorry you were disappointed. How about letting me refund your ticket money?"

When the delighted fan accepted the money, Tom said his goodbyes adding: "We'll do a better job next time."

The criticism is sure to have been a disappointment to Tom - who also directed the movie - as he recently revealed making it was a "personal mission".

He said: "I tell you, it takes it out of you. Both 'That Thing You Do' and this, they take a long time to develop and it just percolates in your head until you get to the point where you say to yourself, 'I don't want to give this up. I don't want to give this over to anybody else.'

"It's like a very personal mission that you just find yourself on."