Tom Hanks says the secret to his success was making his mistakes before he became famous.

The 57-year-old actor - who has two children Chester and Truman with wife Rita Wilson - has explained he owes his almost 40-year career to staying out of trouble in the public eye.

He told the Daily Express newspaper: ''I made all my mistakes, out of pubic view before I was known.

''I do not want to admit to the world that I am a bad person. It's just that I don't want anyone to have false expectations.''

The 'Cloud Atlas' star admitted he always had the odds stacked against him in his career, and not being as ''handsome'' as his contemporaries meant he avoided making their mistakes in a public way.

He added: ''I was not particularly handsome and never become really hot or fashionable.

''I wasn't caught up in any fallout from early fame, simply because I was not famous.''

Tom also conceded he can be difficult to live with in both his professional and personal life because he always makes sure to not be a ''pushover''.

He said: ''I do not go looking for trouble but I am no pushover. I believe in making my points as politely as possible.

''If that does not work then I can become a little stronger in my intentions.''