Tom Hanks has turned his passion for collecting old typewriters into a lucrative new venture after teaming up with award-winning game developers at Hitcents to create a new iPad mobile app for fans of old school keyboards.

Hanx Writer recreates the experience of a manual typewriter, but "with the ease and speed of an iPad".

The new venture launched on Thursday (14Aug14) and is available for free via

The Oscar-winning Captain Phillips star says, "No longer must you surrender modern luxuries, like the 'Delete' key. With Hanx Writer, you'll hear the rhythm of your work with 'Shook Shook' or 'Fitt-Fitt'."

The Hanx Writer app comes with wireless keyboard support and each document can be emailed, printed, and shared. Invitations, letters, and notes can be personalised with the complimentary Hanx Prime Select typewriter. Users also have the ability to change font colour, add pictures to title pages and create multiple documents.