Tom Hanks thrilled viewers by dancing during a weather report on Spanish TV.

The US actor - who is in the country to promote his latest movie 'Larry Crowne' - appeared on Spanish language morning show 'iDespierta America' and although his lack of the language was evident, he Charmed the audience by dancing with the programme's host and even mimed walking down a set of imaginary stairs.

Tom also directs the Julia Roberts' starring 'Larry Crowne' but said he wasn't nervous because he has been through it all before with TV minseries 'BAND OF BROTHERS'.

He explained: "I was worried about less things because my powers of communication, my skills of talking to all the department heads were a little bit better than last time around.

"It's such a personal thing that I can't really delineate between the work and the social aspect of making the movie. We had a great time, we were around great people."

The movie - which is set to be released on July 1 - tells the story of Larry (Tom), who loses his job at a store and goes back to college to reinvent himself, where he falls in love with his teacher Mercedes Tainot (Julia).