Sony enlisted the aid of Tom Hanks at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to demonstrate how its new Cybershot camera can send images via WiFi to its Bravia TV sets or to its PlayStation Portable game devices or to its Vaio PCs or its Sony-Erickson cell phones. CEO Howard Stringer predicted that within two years, 90 percent of Sony's consumer-electronic products will be able to connect to the Internet and to each other wirelessly. Sony also announced that its PlayStation "network" can now deliver 1,200 movies and some 3,000 TV episodes. It said that MTV Networks has become its latest content provider. With much concern being expressed at CES about how the battered economy will affect sales of new devices, Stringer remarked confidently, "I can promise you the consumer electronics industry will ultimately prevail ... because everyone is still innovating." All four major networks also issued statements supporting the delay.