A series of photos depicting Tom Hanks 'wasted' have gone viral, reports The Daily Mail. The photos also feature a 'wasted' accomplice.

It's not what it seems though; the photos were completely and utterly staged. Hanks and his new buddy are just pretending to be inebriated in a North Dakota restaurant. The 56-year old actor can be seen messing around, seemingly delighted at the faux-drunk state of the fan photographed with him. The pictures include Hanks having his glasses stolen, him pointing at his newfound friend, and one of him looking perplexed. The overall reaction to the photos has been positive, with many fans applauding Tom's willingness to have fun, and not worry about the pictures being misconstrued. It seems Hank's reputation as a fun guy is only getting stronger and stronger.

The Apollo 13 and Forest Gump actor will have to put his serious face back on soon though, as he will be working on new film Saving Mr Banks, in which he stars as none other than Walt Disney. The film is a behind the scenes look at how the popular film, Mary Poppins came about. The film, which also features Colin Farrell and Emma Thompson has not been given a release date, but it's suggested Hollywood fans will have to wait until 2014 for it to be released.