Tributes have been pouring in left right and centre for the late writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak who sadly died this week, the 83 year-old most famous for his writing and illustration of the classic children's story 'Where The Wild Things Are'. One of those bringing the praise is Hollywood actor Tom Hanks, who gave his thoughts to MTV News.

"Maurice Sendak was the fabulously cranky old man, the maker of the Wild Rumpus, who delighted in scaring the kids on the block - and they loved him for it," said Hanks in a statement, adding, "I think a late supper is awaiting him and it is still hot." Indeed one of those who ended up becoming close to Sendak was film director Spike Jonze, who managed to perform the apparently impossible and make a decent film adaptation of the illustrator's classic story.

Speaking in the film's featurette, Jonze had said "[Sendak] said from the beginning that you have to make it dangerous - make something that respects kids and doesn't talk down to them or if not, it wasn't worth doing." It's an attitude that Sendak showcased again and again in his work, which he took great care of - even going so far as being involved in every step along the film adaptation.