A new US drama series is set to rubbish conspiracy theories linked to John F Kennedy's death and tell the story from the view that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

The miniseries will be produced by Tom Hanks, along with Gary Goetzman and executive production from Bill Paxton.

It will be based on the book by Vincent Bugliosi called Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F Kennedy which portrays the view that Oswald acted alone.

Goetzman told Variety: "I totally believed there was a conspiracy, but after you read the book, you are almost embarrassed that you ever believed it.

"To think that guys who grew up in the 1960s would make a miniseries supporting the idea that Oswald acted alone is something I certainly wouldn't have predicted. But time and evidence can change the way we view things."

HBO is close to an agreement with Playtone to make the series which will attempt to show Oswald's life up to when he was murdered live on TV.

Bugliosi wrote the book Helter Skelter after prosecuting Charles Manson and set out to provide a definitive account of the death of JFK.

07/06/2007 13:52:50