On the eve of the premiere of director Ron Howard's Angels & Demons in Rome, Howard has claimed that the Vatican interfered with efforts to get permits to shoot scenes for the film in Rome. For example, he told a news conference in Rome, he was told that he would not be allowed to shoot scenes for the film if churches were shown in the background. To recreate the Sistine Chapel, he said, he had 20 members of his crew pose as tourists to take photos of the chapel. (A spokesman for the Vatican declined to respond to Howard's accusations, except to say that the were designed to publicize the film.) Star Tom Hanks said that when moviegoers see the film, they will discover "nothing sacrilegious about it at all." Hanks told the New York Daily News "Yes, we had a few things go on that are completely fictionalized. But there's no reason to have a big hurly-burly over what is essentially a whodunit. There's no major theological discussion that goes on, other than science versus faith. There's no winner in that argument. I just solve the murder."