Hollywood star Tom Hanks has added his name to the James Bond wannabe list but fears he's too American.

The OSCAR winner dreams of playing 007, and would be happy to take over from Irish hunk Pierce Brosnan.

He says, "It would be great. It would cause riots. In England, they're not gonna have some guy from America play James Bond. That's why they always cast Americans in the worst roles in James Bond movies.

"There's always some guy... who is always standing on the submarine at the end of the movie while James Bond is making out with Halle Berry, saying, 'James, you did it again.'"

And Hanks dreads being asked to play a Bond villain: "The bad guy always has this line that he says to James Bond: 'Before I kill you, Mr Bond, perhaps you'd like a tour of our installation. Notice the ventilator shafts - wide enough for a man to crawl through.'"

21/06/2004 14:57