OSCAR-winning actor Tom Hanks is worried British movie fans will "crucify" him for starring in a remake of beloved Ealing comedy The Ladykillers.

Hanks recreated Alec Guinness' professor role from the 1955 film in the Coen Brothers' reworking of the crime caper.

The film is set to hit British cinemas next month (JUN04) after a relatively good response from audiences and critics in America.

Hanks says, "I know that when it comes time to talk to English papers they'll just crucify us for doing it.

"But ultimately, it doesn't matter. It's not like we were gonna remake Jaws. But nor is it SCARAMOUCHE. It's this other kind of thing."

The FORREST GUMP star admits he hasn't even watched the 1955 original.

Hanks reveals, "I have never actually seen this particular Ealing movie.

"That being said. I'm certainly aware of it. I know it the same way I know the CARRY ON films - I've never seen any of those, either. But between reading old film catalogues and seeing AFI documentaries on TV, I'm aware of it. Alec Guinness and all that."

11/05/2004 17:36