Hollywood star Tom Hanks copied Japanese Prime Minister JUNICHIRO KOIZUMI's long wavy hairstyle for his role in upcoming thriller The Da Vinci Code. The normally short-haired actor, who is in Japan to promote the film adaptation of Dan Brown's bestselling novel, met with Koizumi earlier today (07APR06), and the resemblance between the two men's hairstyles was striking. Koizumi said to Hanks, "You changed your look." Hanks replied, "I wanted a hairstyle that looked like you," referring to the politician's trademark "lion mane" locks. The actor also spent time discussing the new film with Koizumi, who is renowned for being a film buff. Hanks added, "I invited the prime minister to the film's premiere in Cannes, but unfortunately the prime minister will be busy running Japan at that time and so he can't come."