THE LADYKILLERS star Tom Hanks has ruled out the possibility of embarking on a political career - because he'd much rather spread his message through acting.

The OSCAR-winning actor admits he's unlikely to ever run for office, like former action star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who now serves as Governor of California.

He says, "If that was my inclination (to run for office) I would say, 'We're all in this together. We live in a land in which tolerance is out great strength, diversity is what our country is built on, and we all need to cut each other some slack. We have to respect what other people say, ever if we disagree with it.'

"I can do that much better as an actor or a producer. I'd much rather be able to carve that out of popular culture as opposed to becoming yet another cog in the polarised 24-hour wheel of news."

16/06/2004 02:37