OSCAR-winner Tom Hanks blames "fickle" moviegoers for the poor box office performance of his latest film The Terminal.

Hanks had high hopes for the film - in which he plays an immigrant who gets stranded in JFK airport - because it was directed by popular director Steven Spielberg, with whom Hanks has worked twice before to great financial and critical acclaim, in Saving Private Ryan and Catch Me If You Can.

But Hanks complains, "Well audiences' reaction is a very fickle thing. An awful lot of it is timing, to some degree. I mean, I would love to blame the marketing department, but you can't blame the marketing department for everything.

"It either lands in the consciousness of the people for that exact time, or it doesn't. Now with The Terminal it could very well be that we landed at the just landed in the wrong time.

"We're making a film about a post-9/11 world and it's about an airport and there are all these things that don't hit the American consciousness the right way."

10/09/2004 17:17