Tom Hanks is convinced his movie career is about to end, because he has survived too long on luck alone.

The FOREST GUMP star has sustained a successful and prolific movie career for more than two decades now, while many co-stars and contemporaries have fallen on the Tinseltown scrapheap.

But the double Oscar winner fears his luck could soon run out. Hanks says, "I look around and know that I am going to pay for it, big time.

"The knives will be out one day. There are quite a few people no longer getting hired who were big stars as recently as 10 years ago.

"So I've already overstayed my welcome. Someone is going to turn round and say, 'See - you are not such a smarty-pants after all, are you?' And although I know that many actors say they've had luck, I've had more than my share. I've had it by the bucketload."