Actor Tom Hanks is relishing his new role as a first-time grandfather and has come up with a timetable so he can get his son Colin's daughter at her very best.
The Cast Away star's eldest son and his wife became parents to little Olivia in February (11) and Hanks admits he's enjoying his time getting to know the young tot - even though their bond got off to a rough start.
He says, "My granddaughter is magnificent... (but) I just don't see her enough. I have gone from being a terrifying presence in her life - because I'm a big guy and I'm not her dad or mom, and I yell... 'Who's that little girl? Who's that little girl? I know you! You're so cute!' I'm just this weird, loud, ogre-like guy that comes in.
"So, then I worked on it. I timed out my visits. I got there early in the morning when she had had a good, solid nap and a nice meal and I was able to charm her. I got her to laugh, I got her to smile, I got her to giggle."