Oscar winner Tom Hanks loved the children's book THE ANT BULLY so much, he sent it to JIMMY NEUTRON director John A Davis and told him he had to make the film. Hanks had been reading the book to his young son TRUMAN and thought it would make a perfect children's movie. Davis explains, "It's kind of a picture book. There are not a lot of words to it. Tom sent me the book because he really liked Neutron and wanted to know if I had an idea for a movie." Hanks came on board the film as a producer and convinced celebrity friends including Nicolas Cage, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin and Paul Giamatti to provide voices. The film has also been converted to a 3-D version for IMAX theaters. Davis says he hasn't seen the completed version because he has been on the road "but I did catch a screening of the last 10 minutes in Chicago and it blew me away".