Tom Green celebrated his birthday by having a movie date with Kat Von D.

The close friends attended the premiere of director Adam Bhala Lough's skateboarding documentary 'The Motivation' at Hollywood's Arclight theatre on Tuesday (30.07.13), Tom's 42nd birthday.

The film follows elite skateboarders including Ryan Sheckler, Paul Rodriguez and Nyjah Huston as they compete in the annual Street League competition founded by Rob Dyrdek and Adam admitted it wasn't difficult to get them to sign up once they realised he had directed the Lil Wayne documentary 'The Carter' in 2009.

Speaking at the premiere, he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''They were all receptive to the idea of the documentary anyway plus any of them who had seen my Lil Wayne documentary knew who I was and they were stoked to work with me.''

Adam also revealed he wanted to make the film because he thinks skateboarding is as elite as professional sports such as basketball.

He added: ''Skateboarding is an incredibly difficult sport to do and I feel it has been marginalised in a certain way.

''Street League has been groundbreaking in how it moves skateboarding out of that and presents it in an elite way like the NBA [ National Basketball Association]. To me these guys are on the same level as professional athletes and I thought it would be really interesting to document that.''

'The Motivation' will be available on iTunes and OnDemand from August 6. For more information go to