Comedian Tom Green has called off his feud with actor and fellow Canadian Martin Short, after waging a online war with the star.

Green was angered after Short dismissed him in a magazine interview. Short claimed Green stormed off the set of his COMEDY CENTRAL show PRIMETIME GLICK four years ago (01) after Short's alter ego, JIMINY GLICK, asked Green about his testicular cancer. He also claimed the comedian was the only guest to have appeared on the show and not "get it".

He instantly responded on his official website, with the following reply, "During the interview he started making fun of my cancer operation, and I got upset and walked off the set," Green wrote. "It was still pretty fresh, my cancer recovery etc... so I didn't really take it too well, and was perhaps a bit overly emotional when he started dissing on me about it. Big deal right? I left the show and told them I didn't appreciate it, and didn't want it to air."

He then launched a "Martin Short is lame" campaign and set up a website MARTINSHORTISLAME.COM, urging fans to send in snaps of themselves wearing T-shirts bearing the logo.

But Green has called off the feud - posting a truce message on his site, encouraging fans to forgive Short and go and see his new movie.

It reads, "I think we should mend fences here. I myself, by nature (perhaps it is the Canadian in me) am not an angry or vindictive person.

"I know many of you have not seen Mr Short's character Jiminy Glick, and I would encourage all of you, to go see his upcoming film... JIMINY GLICK IN LA LA LAND, or whatever it is called."

08/05/2005 10:56